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Freedombone is an example of the internet as it was supposed to be: a network of peers, rather than a small number of gigantic server farms with everyone connecting to them. Even if they're well run, centralised server farms become a conspicuous target for /all kinds of nefariousness/ and in any future wars they're bound to be amongst the first facilities to receive the "/shock and awe/" treatment. If a robust information society is desirable then excessive centralisation of control over information should be avoided.
An emphasis of the Freedombone project is the protection of private communications from indiscriminate mass surveillance, otherwise known as "/bulk intercept/" or "/warrantless wiretapping/". With only a few exceptions data entering and leaving the system is encrypted using settings recommended by [[][]]. Stored emails are encrypted such that only someone knowing your GPG password can read them and a GPG key is created automatically if you don't already have one. The system is firewalled with only the necessary ports being opened. Exclusively [[][free software]] is used so that all of it can potentially be security audited and proprietary repositaries are disabled by default. There are still numerous security problems with the internet in general and software always contains bugs, but a best attempt has been made to ensure that the Freedombone is at least more secure than average. A limitation is that this system will not protect you from metadata analysis, although it is hoped that new types of email system may be able to do that in future.


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