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"With the increasing move of our computing to cloud infrastructures, we give up the control of our computing to the managers of those infrastructures. Our terminals (laptops, desktops) might now be running entirely on Free Software, but this is increasingly irrelevant given that most of what actually matters gets executed on a remote closed system that we don’t control. The Free Software community needs to work to help users keep the control of all their computing, by developing suitable alternatives and facilitating their deployment." -- Lucas Nussbaum

So you want to run your own internet services? Email, chat, VoIP, web sites, file synchronisation, wikis, blogs, social networks, backups. Freedombone enables you to do all of that in a self-hosted way, where you keep control of your data and it resides in your own home.

Here's how.

And here's how on a Beaglebone Black.

Want to make a community mesh network which doesn't depend upon the internet?

You can do that too.

After installation it's possible that you might want some advice on how to run your system and set up apps to work nicely with it.

If you find bugs, or want to add a new app to this system see the Developers Guide.