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Freedombone may be installed either in its entirety or as different variants with a more specialised purpose. So for example if you just want to run a blog but don't care about any other services then you can do that. The following variants are available:

An email server with GPG encryption
Sync and share files. Never lose important files again
Social networking with Hubzilla and GNU Social
Runs media services such as DLNA to play music or videos on your devices
Host your blog and wiki
Encrypted IRC, XMPP, Tox and VoIP services for one-to-one and many-to-many chat
Github-like system to host your software projects
A wireless mesh network which is like the internet, but not the internet

Non-mesh installs also come with an RSS reader which provides strong reading privacy on desktop and mobile via the use of a Tor onion service.

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