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Instead of having some tedious Code of Conduct which tries to micro-manage how folks communicate privately with each other this project has a set of guiding principles, which are as follows:

  • Enable users to help themselves to provide their own personal software infrastructure.
  • Enable users to help each other to provide software infrastructure for a community.
  • Principle of self-management: apps should require miniumum configuration and maintain themselves as far as possible.
  • There should be no single point of failure. Assume that other servers can and will fail occasionally.
  • Minimum data retention. Only store the data which users actually want or need, and within apps implement the function which allows logging to be turned off.
  • Respect other users right to run their own stuff and have their own policies on their own hardware.
  • Remove as many intermediating organisations as possible. For example, Google tracking embedded within some Free Software apps.
  • No tollbooths, rent-seeking, gatekeepers or paywalls.
  • Maximize energy efficiency. No systems which fundamentally depend upon proof-of-work block solving or other compute-heavy methods. The target here is small single board computers.