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Edith Notes

Edith notes is the simplest and quickest kind of notes system. It has no complicated user interface. Just enter your domain and a title and a note will be created. Everything typed is saved automatically.

The speed and minimalism of this type of notes system may make it suitable for things like shopping lists or distraction free writing.

ssh into the system with:

ssh -p 2222

Select Administrator controls then App Settings then edith. Enter a subdomain name, such as, and optionally a freedns code. When the installation is complete you can then look up the password for the site within the Passwords section of the Administrator control panel, then navigate to the subdomain. Log in, then enter something like and start typing.


It is possible to turn off the login via App Settings/edith if you wish, but this will enable anyone on the internet to view or edit notes on your system, which could have obvious privacy or stability implications. From App settings/edith it's also possible to browse through your notes files.